Student Testimonials and Client Reviews

Tutorleague feels proud to help its students in achieving greater heights in their career. We feel proud to share some of our latest student testimonials and parent reviews.

Andrew Stevens

 11 months ago

Tutorleague tutor has done an initial assessment to my daughter, initially, she was very scared of that. But I guess it was helpful to understand her learning needs exactly. After that, the lessons were tailored as per her needs. The tutor understood where she is coming from and was able to answer her questions in a way she understands easily. Weekly progress report after the lessons with some amount of practice questions was given to her. She has improved from 55% to 89% in her class. I am very happy 🙂 to see her improvement and interest towards her studies.

Amanda Westcott

 10 months ago

Tutorleague has provided maths tuition to my daughter for over two years, and we are very happy with the service and the standard of tuition provided. Tutorleague is responsive, easy to communicate with and accommodating. The tuition is tailored to my daughter’s needs, and all concepts are explained in various ways to ensure they are understood. My daughter’s proficiency and confidence in maths have increased significantly since beginning tuition with Tutorleague.

Kristil Story

 10 months ago

Tutorleague has vastly improved my daughter’s physics ability from when she first started in yr 11. I have seen her struggle with concepts but since attending Tutorleague, she actually understands and enjoys it! I would recommend anyone to Tutorleague if they are looking at maximizing the HSC mark.

Darcy Baker

 11 months ago

The Tutorleague team has experienced teachers. Their expertise has helped my boy to find his confidence back in Maths. He has improved a lot. In recent parent teacher meeting at his school, his school teacher had conveyed that now he has started answering the questions in the class room, which is totally amazing!!

Ia Uaro

 10 months ago

Tutorleague guided my very worried daughter for her HSC Maths and Chemistry with tremendous patience, understanding, and professionalism, the tutor being especially accommodating and attentive to her special needs. The improvement was amazing and my daughter completed her exams with excellent results. Highly recommended.

Cherie Mylordis

My daughter’s tutor knows Chemistry concepts in-depth and is exceptionally good at answering questions and explaining complex Chemistry topics clearly. I recommend Tutorleague to other HSC Chemistry students.

Derek Milham

Sara and the team at Tutorleague are both extremely professional and wonderfully customer focussed. The team really values children’s education above all else and her qualified friendly tutors are knowledgeable, caring understanding, and reliable. I would recommend them highly and without hesitation to anyone looking for good value for money and excellent results in the children’s tutoring space.

Natasha Kozlava

Hi, I have two boys with different needs. One needed help with reading and other with writing. Tutors recommended by Tutorleague were capable and friendly. Excellent organizational support and follow up detailed report, homework and future goals. I was very pleased to see individual approach to my kids. I can recommend Tutorleague as very reliable tutors. The performance of the kids improved significantly.

Mohanad Schembri

Feb 10, 2016

I got lessons from the Tutorleague tutor Charlotte. I did extremely well in my HSC exam. That tutor did not only help me in my HSC subjects but also preparing for UMAT entrance exam. I got accepted into JCU medicine course and I couldn’t be happier. Again I would like to thank you for the countless hours that you have spent helping me in improving my concepts and knowledge. Have a great year ahead Charlotte :-).

Alexandria Wood

May 27, 2015

I tried two times earlier for GAMSAT but could not score good marks. This time after taking help from Sylvana (Tutorleague teacher), I cleared the written exam. Highly appreciated 🙂

Andrew Smith

May 4, 2015

Tutorleague is highly professional and trustable. I took lessons from one of their teacher Joe. Joe is a knowledgeable, reliable and patient tutor. I studied Economics and Finance from him. During my semester course, he helped me a lot. Joe had been extremely approachable. He always explained me complex things in a simple manner. I will be continuing with him. Couldn’t be happier. Highly recommended.

David Leigh

April 6, 2015

Economics and Finance can be taught that easily, have never thought that. But yes, I realized that I am understanding the concepts after taking a lesson from teacher assigned by Tutorleague. Highly recommended to struggling students. Give it a try… you will not regret.

Tessa Davis

February 16, 2015

I almost lost hope to pass statistics after failing twice in the subject. I come across Tutorleague and was introduced to one of their teacher, named Sara. Sara is absolutely great, would highly recommend to anyone struggling with subjects in the way I was. I went from 30% in exams to an overall average of 87%. She is able to make hard topics seem easy through her coaching and helpful insights, as well as patience towards learning. The tutoring sessions were well worth the spend for the outcome, with the flexibility of times to suit your schedule.

Angus Mackenzie

October 10, 2014

I have improved a lot in one term. My score has improved by 27% and rating has become better in my class. Teachers here have really good knowledge of their subjects and helped me tremendously in improving my ATAR.

Kevin Pasto

June 3, 2014

The way of teaching is really good here. My grades have improved from “C” to “A”. It’s value for money to learn and join here.

Why must you choose Tutorleague tutors?

Our team of experienced teachers/tutors is committed to improving their students’ knowledge and skills. We thrive in a collaborative environment where teachers and students exchange ideas and work towards better learning experience.

Some of the factors that distinguish us from other tutoring providers are;

  • The majority of our teachers hold PhD. or Master degree.
  • We have a professional team of highly experienced and competent teachers. We strictly verify their prior experience & academic credentials, before choosing them.
  • A thorough background check of our teachers is done. It ensures that they are reliable and have no criminal history etc.
  • Our tutors can deliver the lessons at your home; at your local public library; or at a premise convenient for you.
  • Our teachers hold working with children check required by New South Wales Education norms.
  • Tutorleague trains its teachers to work effectively with students with special needs and learning disabilities.
  • Should you wish to change a tutor during the term; we will provide a better replacement free of cost.
  • Group lessons are offered as a cost-effective deal for Australian families.
  • Our services are cost effective.

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