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Tutorleague strives to provide outstanding customer service and believes in the spirit of integrity, honesty and pride.

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Head to our join us page to get started. Once registered, you’ll have access to tutoring tips & strategies written by our current and experienced tutors to help you. You can contact any time for help and guidance.

We are committed to ensure the success of all customers and associates. Our aim is to help students on an individual basis. We take a long term view of our relationship with our clients.

We have years of experience working in the education industry and have created positive impact on our student’s life.

How to become a good tutor?

Step 1: Identify the subjects you are best at.

Identify the subjects listed at Tutorleague website that you are confident of.

Step 2: Ensure you have filled the form correctly.

When you fill the join us form, ensure that you have mentioned name of all the subjects that you can teach.

Step 3: Prepare to teach.

Draft a quick small assessment to give to student in the beginning of lesson. Have a look at the syllabus and do preparation before starting lesson to any new student.

Step 4: Hold a valid police check and/ or working with children check / Blue card

Holding valid Working with Children Check means that the Department of Justice and Regulation has determined that they do not pose an unjustifiable risk to children. If you intend to do child-related work, you must obtain a Check unless you are exempt. Working with your own child is an exempt activity under the Working with Children Act 2005 (the Act).” Find the details here.

Complete a Working with Children (or equivalent) check or you must submit the necessary documentation to Tutorleague. Different states impose different legal requirements in relation to ‘Working with Children Check’.

  • Victoria Online application can be done using the link.
  • NSW Online application can be done using the link.
  • Queensland Online application can be done using the link.
  • South Australia Online application can be done using the link.
  • Western Australia Online application can be done using the link.
  • Tasmania Online application can be done using the link.
  • ACT application can be done using the link.
  • Northern Territory Online application can be done using the link.

Step 5: Arrange your insurance.

It’s always recommended that private tutors take out a policy to protect themselves in the event of injury or damage claims.

Step 6: Pay attention to understand student’s aims and challenges.

Ask the student/parent before going for the lesson what are the challenges student’s facing, what they’re good at and what they most enjoy about the subject. Let them speak open-endedly about their aims, difficulties and subject knowledge.

Step 7: Be confident and patient while teaching.

Students and parents chose a tutor expecting the tutor will help them to achieve the best outcome. Ensure you portray your qualities in best manner that enable you to be a good tutor and role model to them.

Step 8: Regular monitoring to track the student’s progress.

Take regular quizzes, tests and perform quick assessments to the students for the topics covered in past 2-4 weeks. Continuous evaluation of the student’s efforts and understanding of concepts will help them in revising the topics frequently and improving their academic performance.

Step 9: Record student’s lesson details in Timesheet 

Two copies of lesson record forms need to be carried per student for every lesson. One for student and another for the Tutor. The timesheet record must be signed by parent/guardian after every lesson. It must not be signed by any person under 18 years of age. Download Time_sheet here.

Step 10: First Lesson Assessment Template 

Two copies of first lesson assessment should be printed and to be carried per student for the first lesson. One for student and another for the Tutor. It will help you to decide the golas and challenges of the student. The assesment record must be signed by tutor. Download First_Lesson_Assessment here.

Step 11: How to market your tutoring service?

You can create your tutor profile that will help you to get more tutoring opportunities at join us. To get client attention quickly, please fill your tutoring experience, qualifications, photo, availability and other details as it may help parents/students to know more about your tutoring service.

Step 12: Ask students to post review for your tutoring service. 

Invite parents and students to whom have you tutored to give you good ranking and excellent reviews for your service on The Great Australian Tutor league portal. It will help you to get more students and make a bigger student network.

Step 13: The Legalities of working as a Tutor.

Most tutors work as sole traders and keep their own financial records. A simple income and expenditure spreadsheet should be fine to help you keep track of your earnings. You can obtain Australian Business Number (ABN) from here.

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