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Urdu belongs to the family of Indo-Aryan group of languages within a bigger Indo-European family of languages. Today it is the first language of approximately 70 million people but over 100 million people speak Urdu as a second language. Also, it is taught as a language subject in educational institutions across the globe.

Urdu language has many distinctions like a specialized vocabulary that is said to have more Prakrit and Sanskrit-derived words than the Persian and Arabic loanwords. The second distinction is its close relation to Hindi. Both Urdu and Hindi follow the Indo-Aryan style and also they share phonology and grammar. But they both are treated as independent languages.

Writing system
Urdu follows the right-to-left writing system. The writing style is an extension of the Persian alphabet that is an extension of the Arabic alphabet. In grammar, Urdu follows more Perso-Arabic prefixes and suffixes than Hindi does. Urdu borrows heavily from Perso-Arabic consonants but it doesn’t retain the complete range of consonants. The Urdu writing style is called Nastaliq and that of Hindis is Devanagari.

Urdu in modern times
This language still rules a large peninsula of Indian subcontinent. People speak it as a local lingo and also it is taught as a modern language in schools and colleges. Urdu is considered easier to understand due to its closeness with Hindi and large borrowings but it is advised that the students take tuition to get a complete hold of the Urdu language.

Learning Urdu
Students learn basics of Urdu in schools and colleges but they need further training to become an expert in this language. There are many things to take care like consonants borrowed from Perso-Arabian, vowels and the loanwords. Also, the Nastaliq writing style requires good understanding of grammar and practice.

Tutorleague for Urdu

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