Selective Exam Preparation

Selective entrance exams are very competitive exam to test student’s knowledge little ahead of the school curriculum so that only the super smart students can get selected. The objective of a selective school is to bring the capable students together and provide them right stimulus needed for academic growth.

Admission to selective schools is given on the basis of the result of the Selective High School Placement Test conducted every year in the month of March. In the selective exam, students will be facing six tests including:
  • Mathematical reasoning (60 questions in 30 minutes)
  • Numerical reasoning (50 questions in 30 minutes)
  • Verbal reasoning (60 questions in 30 minutes)
  • Reading comprehension (50 questions in 30 minutes)
  • Creative response (15 minutes)
  • Analytical response (15 minutes)

  • Our selective school tutors in Sydney have prepared many gifted students and all these students are enrolled in selective schools in Australia.

    For Past Selective exam papers, please click here.

    Due to extremely challenging test environment, we recommend students to start preparing early for the test. There is little need to spare time to take your child to a tuition center for private coaching, if you are working with Tutorleague, a leading home tuition service. You can give your child the best in OC test preparation with the help of Tutor League that has provided satisfactory tuition service to thousands of successful students.

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