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Vietnamese belongs to Vietnam where it the national and official language. But technical it is part of Austroasiatic language. Vietnamese spread to other parts of the world with cultural emigration of Vietnamese people. Today it is one of the most popular languages of the world and it is widely read in schools and colleges of the world.

The Chinese influence found on Vietnamese lexicon is due to 1000 years of Chinese rule. The Sino-Vietnamese vocabulary has approximately 30% to 60% borrowings from Chinese. But in phonology it is like other Southeast Asiatic languages. Vietnamese also boasts of a large number of vowels.

Vietnamese is an analytic language but it doesn’t follow morphological marking for cases, genders, numbers and tenses. And like other Southeast Asia languages, it follows a subject-verb-object order. Other important features of Vietnamese language are as follows.
  • Noun classifier system
  • Pop-drop
  • Wh-in-situ
  • Verb sterilization

  • Writing system
    Earlier writing system was based on Chinese characters but later it was developed into more user-friendly. In the later part of development, the Chinese character based was removed by colonial rulers. Romanization of the script started in 17th century but the Romanized script started dominating the script only in 20th century. Today computer support is available for Vietnamese language.
    Students can see that the Vietnamese language is continuously evolving due to external influence. For learning, you need to understand the grammar and study the vocabulary. Your classroom training would only introduce you with the language and you need to do extra efforts in understanding the complex system that makes Vietnamese language.

    Learning Vietnamese
    In language, it is practice that makes one perfect. You need to practice hard to score high in Vietnamese language. If you can take private tuition with classroom education, you can certainly do well in the language. A private Vietnamese tutor can make learning Vietnamese grammar and vocabulary a hassle free affair.

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