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Trigonometry and Geometry are the branches of Mathematics. These are different branches but are related very closely to each other.

Trigonometry is the study of relationship of lengths and angles of triangles. It was evolved to study astronomy but today it has applications in a wide range of subjects including music, acoustics, biology, ecology and surveying.

If you want to improve your expertise in Trigonometry and Geometry, you must be more focused and be specific with your target and don’t worry Tutorleague is prepared to help you.

Applications of Geometry
Geometry as a branch of Mathematics deals with shape, size and relative position of figures. The important concepts of geometry include axioms, points, lines, planes, angles, curves, surfaces, manifolds, topologies and metrics, compass and straightedge constructions, dimensions, symmetry and non-Euclidean geometry.

Geometry is widely used in the field of astronomy that also uses Trigonometry. Or it can be said that a good understanding of Geometry is needed for understanding Trigonometry. Geometry introduces students with figures, points, lines and angles that are measured in Trigonometry. Together a good understanding of both the disciplines would help in choosing a subject for higher studies and later for making a career.

Applications of Trigonometry
Trigonometry formulas have uses in a wide range of subjects. For example, triangulation that is a technique of Trigonometry is used both in Astronomy and Geography. In Astronomy, it is used for measuring distance of nearby stars and in Geography, it measures distance between landmarks. Similarly, the Trigonometry techniques are used in medical imaging, architecture, Engineering, Computer graphics and games development.

Studying Trigonometry and Geometry
A good understanding of Geometry and its concepts would help in doing well in Trigonometry. But it doesn’t mean that you need to study both the subjects. It would be great if you have a tutor to help you. And you have a reason to hire a tutor for these subjects as they are the backbone on further maths.

Tutorleague for Trigonometry and Geometry
Tutorleague has the best private tutors for Trigonometry and Geometry and it offers good options to choose from. You won’t have to worry about anything while dealing with Tutorleague. Trigonometry and Geometry are two important disciplines of Maths during HSC and University years. A private tutor will teach you both the subjects in a simple and interesting way. He will make you practice the right use of formulas and monitor your skills of making the right calculations. You can really do well with the help of a private tutor.

An experienced teacher is a blessing especially in Mathematics where you need someone to walk through the many obstacles you will face while learning the theories and formulas.
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