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Thai is the official language of Thailand and Central Thai people. It is similar to Chinese and Vietnamese but most of the words in Thai are borrowed from Sanskrit, Pali, Old Khmer and Mon languages. The number of speakers of Thai language is estimated to be around 20 million.

In terms of grammar, Thai is called analytical language where subject is often omitted from the sentence structure. The Thai sentences are written in subject-verb-object format but the subjects are often missing from the sentences. Another distinction of Thai grammar is selection of pronouns that is made after considering the gender and relation of speaker and listeners.

In Thai language, the verb remains same even when the person, tense, voice, mood and number are changed. The change in number or person isn’t applied to Thai verbs. Also, no participles are used in Thai verbs. Similarly, the distinction between adjectives and adverbs has been erased. Now the words can perform any function according to needs.

The first thing to note about nouns is they are uninflected; they have no genders and no articles are used with nouns. What makes Thai grammar more complicated is that the nouns don’t follow the singular and plural rules. In the case of pronouns, Thai language uses nicknames instead of pronouns.

Most Thai words can be kept in the category of monosyllabic words. It has more words borrowed earlier from Chinese and later from Pali and Sanskrit. But the Thai vocabulary seems to get inspired from the English language since 20th century.

Learning Thai language
Thai as a language is taught as a subject in schools and colleges across the globe. The children are educated on the basics of grammar and they are asked to practice reading and writing in Thai language. But the students are free to take private tuitions to improve their skills.

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The beauty of Thai language inspires students to practice the grammar with the help of private Thai tutors. Also, the availability of experienced Thai teachers gives the students an excuse to take private tuitions in Thai.

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