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Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is a standardized exam to measure the ability of non-English speakers to use English fluently. Non-English students looking for higher studies in foreign countries have to appear for a language test to prove their efficiency in English language.

Test contents
The test involves use of English hence the students have to use only English while thinking, speaking and writing
  • Read and listen to questions and give your response
  • Listen to what you are asked and answer
  • Read and listen to the task provided and then write your answers

  • Reading : Answering questions from a couple of passages. Read the passages carefully before giving your answers.
    Listening: Listen to conversations like lectures and classroom discussions to answer the questions.
    Speaking: The task involves giving your opinion on a topic selected from a reading material and conversation.
    Writing: Write down your response based on your observation of reading and listening tasks.

    It is the basic format of the test but it might include a few extra questions in reading and listening tasks. The tasks given are simple as the focus is on the English language and not on specific topic or a discussion.

    Preparing for the Test
    Students have access to free sample papers for the test but these papers provide little help in preparation. The papers help in understanding the test format and level of questions but you have to give right answers to the questions based on your knowledge of English language.
    The best way to prepare for the test is to improve your English through conversation. You can read newspapers, listen to news, watch movies and use English in your daily conversation. But it is only a one-on-one tuition by an experienced TOEFL tutor that can provide the real help. The tutor would improve your language, boost your vocabulary and make corrections wherever needed. He will prepare you for the first attempt success in the test.

    Tutorleague for TOEFL
    Tutorleague has the best TOEFL teachers and holds experience of teaching to several students for TOEFL preparation.

  • Tutorleague performs a background check on its tutors
  • Each teacher is handpicked for home tuition
  • Guarantee of satisfaction and affordability of service
  • More options with more freedom in private tuition

  • It is difficult to pass the English languages test without TOEFL tuition and the best way to find your TOEFL teacher is to visit Tutorleague. It is a premium home tuition service to get you through with good results in the exam.

    Due to extremely challenging test environment, we recommend students to start preparing early for the test. There is little need to spare time to go to a tuition center for private coaching, if you are working with Tutorleague, a leading home tuition service. You can get right test preparation guidance with the help of Tutorleague that has provided satisfactory tuition service to thousands of successful students.

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