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Swedish is a North Germanic language spoken predominantly on Sweden and some parts of Finland. The total number of speakers of Swedish language is approximately 10 million but their number is increasing fast.

Swedish dialects have a total of 18 vowel phonemes – 9 short and 9 long vowels. And the short vowels are paired with short vowels of similar quality. It is for this reason that pronunciation be a challenge for beginners. Since the short vowels of similar quality are used in pairs, it becomes difficult to make correct pronunciation of Swedish words.

Swedish language declines nouns and adjectives in genders as well as in numbers. In Swedish, nouns have two genders – en form and ett form.

Highlights of Swedish
  • A suffix is used to create the definitive singular form of a noun
  • Adjectives are inflected in definite and indefinite declensions
  • The adjective declensions must match the modified noun in gender and number
  • Pronouns in Swedish language are similar to those of English language
  • Swedish has two natural genders – he and she – and two grammatical genders – common and neuter
  • Third person possessive reflexive pronouns are also used in Swedish
  • Verbs in Swedish are conjugated according to tense
  • In Swedish, perfect participles aren’t used to form the present and past perfect participles
  • Subjunctive mood is selectively used for selected verbs
  • Swedish language uses prepositions instead of grammatical cases
  • Swedish has a 29-letter alphabet

  • Today Swedish is widely taught as an academic language in universities and colleges across the globe. Also, there are private institutions that provide coaching in Swedish. This language is gaining importance for business and literary benefits. Free tutorials for Swedish are available on the web but those serious about the language hire Swedish tutors for home tuition.

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