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Statistics refers to a set of mathematical procedures to collect, organize, analyze, summarize and interpret the data.

For every application like a scientific, industrial or social problem, a statistical model is containing the data related to the problem is prepared. The model allows a detailed study of the individual and cumulative facts and figures to find the roots of the problem and develop an acceptable solution.

Applications of Statistics

  • Actuarial Science: Risk assessment for Insurance and Finance industry
  • Astrostatistics: Study of Astronomical data
  • Biostatistics: Branch of Biology that deals with medical statistics
  • Business analytics: Study of Business performance and opportunities
  • Chemometrics: Measurement of a Chemical system
  • Demography: Study of the population
  • Econometrics: Empirical study of Economic theories, concepts and their relationship
  • Epidemiology: Study of factors affecting public health
  • Geostatistics: Study of elements of Geography
  • Machine Learning: Subfield of Computer science
  • Operations Research: Modeling of Mathematical problems
  • Population Ecology: Study of the population and their interaction with the environment
  • Psychometrics: Measurement of knowledge, abilities and attitudes
  • Quality Control: Statistical sampling for decisions in process control
  • Quantitative Psychology: Study of human behavior
  • Reliability Engineering: Study of components of a system
  • Statistical Mechanics: Study of motion of particles under the influence of force
  • Statistical Physics: Study of physical problems
  • Statistical Signal Processing: Study of signals
  • Statistical Thermodynamics: Study of the microscopic behavior of heat, free energy and other elements of thermodynamics

  • Statistician

    A student of statistics, as Statistician works on the applied statistics. He uses his combine knowledge of statistics and other subjects to produce better results. His job could be in the field of insurance, engineering, geography, demography or medical. Study of statistics opens a wide range of career options and it also helps in other disciplines. For a detailed study of models of statistics and a better understanding of the subject, you should hire a personal tutor.

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