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Spanish is easy to learn for a native English speaker because both the languages have their origin in Latin. Also, they share thousands of words with similar pronunciation and meaning. But it doesn’t mean that speakers of other languages would find it difficult to learn Spanish. Having Latin roots make it a simple language to learn.

Spanish as a subject

Spanish is the langauge that is widely taught as a subject in schools, colleges and universities. What makes it popular is its global reach and acceptance – it is the official language of 20 countries. Approximately 450 million people across the globe speak Spanish and this number is growing with each passing day.

Spanish grammar

As fusional language, Spanish shares many grammatical terms with other Roman languages. It has three tenses but two aspects for past tense; nouns and adjectives exhibit two genders and two numbers, but some pronouns and determiners carry a neutral gender in the singular. There are more variations seen in grammar due to its fusional character.

Quick Facts about Spanish

  • Fourth most popular language
  • 75% vocabulary is taken from Latin
  • 8% vocabulary has Arabic origin
  • Its absorbed vocabulary has words from other languages including French and Italian
  • It is clear that Spanish has more similarities to Latin and Arabic and also it shares many cognates with other languages. Students are taught Spanish in schools and colleges but for a better learning experience, you need to get individual attention from a Spanish tutor.
    When a large part of the world population is speaking Spanish, you can’t remain untouched with this lingo. You need a better grip on this language for your personal and professional development. With more than 35% people speaking Spanish, you can imagine how important is this language in making a career.

    Tutorleague for Spanish Learning

    The best Spanish tutors work with Tutorleague that is a premium tuition service for Spanish learners.
  • Only qualified and experienced tutors are handpicked for service
  • Parents and students are provided the freedom of choice and discussion
  • Tutor service is monitored, and tutors are ranked according to their performance
  • Excellent service and affordable price are guaranteed

  • Learn Spanish in the most interesting way to speak like a native of Spain. An experienced tutor would help you in understanding grammar, improving vocabulary and making meaningful sentences.
    Offered proudly by Tutorleague team of experts.

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