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Software Design and Development (SDD) is a subject in Higher School Certificate (HSC) and Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE). It is the study of designing and developing software applications.

This course is quite valuable for those who want to make a striking career in Information Technology.

HSC Course
In New South Wales, the Software Design and Development course is divided into Preliminary (Year 11) and HSC (Year 12). Students that perform well in Preliminary course are upgraded to the Year 12 course. Another prerequisite for promotion from Year 11 to 12 is design and development a major project.

Students of Year 11 are asked to plan a major project from scratch. They must conceive design of a software application and then develop the application using their knowledge on the subject. The students must plan a theme of software; choose its functionality, determine its usability and select features according to function and uses.

In VCE, the course is called Information Technology: Software Development
Highlights of the course

Introduction to SDD
  • Concepts and issues in SDD
  • Software development approach
  • Planning software solutions and defining problems
  • Building/checking/modifying software solutions
  • Development and impact of SDD
  • Implementation of software solutions
  • Maintenance of software solutions
  • The course structure and its contents give a fair idea of its value in academic and professional life of students. In HSC, students are asked to design and develop specific software programs for which they need in-depth knowledge of SDD. Also, they need tools for developing and testing software.

    Studying SDD
    Software Design and Development requires serious study with practical. And it won’t be an exaggeration to say that SDD has more practical than theory. Also, it will be easier to understand theory with practical. But the biggest challenge is technology that keeps changing with time. The only help available is private home tuition by an experienced Software Design and Development tutor.

    It is only an experienced Software Design and Development tutor that can help in understanding the SDD, completing the project and making a great career in the long run.

    Tutorleague for SDD
    Your Software Design and Development tutor is available on Tutorleague for bets private home tuition service.
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