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Sinhala is also called Sinhalese as it is the native language of Sinhalese people that are the largest ethnic group in Sri Lanka. The number of native speakers of Sinhala is estimated to be approximately 16 million. Basically it belongs to the Indo-Aryan branch of the Indo-European languages.

Sinhalese language has features that make it different from other languages of Indo-Aryan family. But Sinhala also has many loanwords from neighboring languages especially Tamil and Dravidian. And this borrowing continued as a result of colonial rules. Modern Sinhalese has loaned words from Portuguese, Dutch and English.

Writing system
Sinhalese language uses abugida writing system that uses consonants with letters and diacritics for indicating vowels. There are more variations available in Sinhala grammar for example vowels have independent letters and they are placed at the beginning of the words.
Sinhala script is based on the ancient Brahmi script. It has a total of 60 letters where there are 18 vowels and 42 consonants. But in writing, only 57 letters including 16 vowels and 41 consonants are used. Sentences are made following right-to-left pattern.
Sinhalese can be described as a pro-drop language. For example, an argument can be omitted from a sentence, if it is understood from the context. Similarly, objects that can be inferred from the context can be omitted. Finally, Sinhalese can be compared with Japanese that is super-drop-language.

Learning Sinhalese
Taught by many schools and colleges, Sinhala has become part of the education system of the world. Today there are hundreds and thousands of students learning Sinhalese but most of the students take private tuitions. There are many Sinhala tutors that provide private coaching to students.
Experienced Sinhala teachers know how to start language training. Every Sinhalese tutor has a different way of teaching and he develops a teaching style with experience. There is a platform where you can easily fine your Sinhala teacher.

Tutorleague for Sinhala tuition

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