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SAT is standardized test for college admission for undergraduate courses. The College Board hosts the exam to evaluate verbal and written skills and knowledge of mathematics of the applicants.
Students seeking admission in undergraduate courses must pass SAT test. In case of specific courses like Literature, Mathematics, History and Foreign Languages, the students can include that specific subject in the test.

Test Format
The SAT consists of four different tests – Reading, Writing, Maths without calculator and Maths with calculator. Also, there is an option test for essay writing. The applicants are free to opt for the fifth essay test.

Reading: The test includes 52 multiple type questions and the time limit is 65 minutes. All the questions are related to passages provided. The passage could have tables, charts and graphs.
Writing and Language: In includes 44 multiple choice questions to be answered in 35 minutes. Also, the questions are related to passages and the passages could include tables, charts and graphs. The applicants are supposed to find mistakes in passages and point writing errors.
Mathematics: It has two parts – with calculator and without calculator. The test has a total of 58 questions and the time limit is 80 minutes.
  • Total questions: 45 multiple choice questions + 13 grid-in questions
  • With calculator: 30 multiple choice + 8 grid-in (55 minutes)
  • Without calculator: 15 multiple choice + 5 grid-in (25 minutes)
  • The questions include data analysis, The Heart of Algebra, linear equations and Passport to Advanced Math.
    Essay: It is a 50-minute test that requires evaluation of an argument through analysis of claims and assertions.

    SAT Preparation
    The complex SAT exam pattern clearly indicates need for one on one tuition. The test involves reading, writing and mathematics. Also, it has an essay writing task but it is optional. Preparing for the test with books and online study would provide little help but an experienced teacher can provide real help.
    You need to improve English language to pass the reading, writing and language test. Also, you need to work on mathematics for scoring good marks in Maths test. Having an experienced SAT tutor on your side would be a big help for this exam.

    Tutorleague for SAT
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