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Quantum Mechanics is also known as Quantum Physics. It is the study of matter and energy at the atomic and subatomic level. It shows how a matter interacts with energy at a very low level. This study has strange results in comparison to the findings classical mechanics.

Uses of Quantum Mechanics

Electronics: Quantum Mechanics plays a bigger role in many modern electronics that include laser, transistor, computer and telecommunication. A good example of Quantum Mechanics is a simple light switch.

Cryptography: Researchers are working on Quantum Mechanics to make robust methods that guarantee secure transmission of information

Quantum Computing: The research is going on to make computers that work faster than their conventional counterparts. Unlike traditional machines, these computers would use qubits.

Macroscale Quantum Effects: Contrary to the basic nature of Quantum Mechanics, the effects of some systems are exhibited in a large scale. Superfluidity is a good example of quantum effect. It is related to movement of a given liquid at absolute zero temperature.

Quantum Theory: This theory explains phenomena that are previous unexplained or available with little information. The theory also sheds light on biological systems of different types.

Study of Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Mechanics open new avenues in the field of electronics but it involves much research work. It is a branch of physics, but it contradicts many of the observations of classical physics. Students can study Quantum Mechanics in higher education and make a striking career electronics, computing and telecommunication.
Quantum Mechanics is a subject of research as evident from its uses. The research is going on in every aspect of this subject. It is an opportunity for students interested in physics. They can take help of senior Quantum Mechanics tutors to understand its concepts and prepare for higher studies in this subject.

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