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Punjabi is also spelled as Panjabi. It is an Indo Aryan language spoken by over 100 million native speakers spread across the world. A native language of Punjabi people of Indian subcontinent, it is widely recognized as a popular local language in other parts of the world.

Lexical tone of Punjabi makes it unusual among the Indo European languages. In this tone, the voice conveys the meaning. Also, Punjabi uses two types of alphabets – Shahmukhi or Gurmukhi. But it is the latter that is more popular and widely taught.

Punjabi follows a canonical word order of subject-object-verb and it uses postpositions instead of prepositions. This language distinguishes two genders and two numbers. And it has five cases of direct, vocative, oblique, locative and ablative.

Adjectives are often declinable and mark for the noun, number and gender they qualify. Also, there is a T-V distinction is found in the Punjabi language. Verbal system of Punjabi language is based on a fusion of aspects and tense. For example, a verb in Punjabi takes a single inflectional suffix but it is followed by multiple elements like auxiliary verbs and postpositions.

The most important factors in Punjabi grammar are word order; case marking; verb conjugation and morphological and syntactic structures of the language.

Writing Systems
Punjabi has two writing systems – Gurmukhi and Shahmukhi. Of the two, it is Gurmukhi that is more popular. It belongs to Brahmi script and used by followers of Sikhism. Shahmukhi writing system is based on Arabic script and used largely by Muslim Punjabis. Here it is necessary to mention that Shahmukh is different from Urdu alphabets. The former has four additional letters.

Punjabi Training
Students learning Punjabi need tuition in addition to classroom training. They need help in understanding the SOV order of grammar and use of postpositions. Also, T-V distinction need proper training that only an experienced Punjabi tutor can give.

Tutorleague for Punjabi

Punjabi students can visit Tutorleague for tuition by experienced Punjabi tutors that they can find on this platform. It provides a wide range of options to choose from and assures of satisfactory service.
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