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Project Management is the practice of managing a given task. It includes planning, execution and control the work done by a team of professionals. A project is handled by an experienced team that is managed by an efficient manager whose job is to ensure coordination between team members to achieve desired results.

Project Management Process

Initiating: Study of the project with the objective to determine its nature and scope. Study of project aspects and whole idea behind the project is identified.
Planning: Calculating time, cost and resources needed to complete the given task. It also includes risk calculation. The data created paves way for the next step.
Execution: It involves allocation of resources and assigning duties to team members. The output of this phase determines the quality of work done by the team.
Project Documentation: Documenting everything related to the task makes the project trackable. It is like leaving footprints to understand the entire process.
Monitoring and Controlling: Observance of each step closely to determine its usability for the project and thee role of the steps in achieving a desired objective.
Closing: Acceptance of the project with its processes followed and the result achieved. A file is made for archiving and to note the lessons learnt from the project.

Studying Project Management
Project Management is taught in universities as a subject. It involves study of approach, process and topics related to projects. It has theory that can be studied only with practical application. The first thing is to understand but you need doing practical experience to understand the basic things.
For Project Management, you need to make diagrams to understand relations between various stakeholders and define their role and responsibility. You need to keep the desired result in mind from the start and work only to achieve the goal. The study of Project Management would become interesting, if you have someone to help.

Tutorleague for Project Management
An experienced teacher can simplify the approach, process and topics of Project Management. He will teach with the help of diagrams that he will draw for your convenience.

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