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Portuguese is a Western Romance language spoken by approximately 250 million people but the total number of native speakers is around 215 t0 220 million. It is third European language in terms of native speakers.

Portuguese language is widely taught as an academic subject in schools and colleges but it has a special status in Uruguay where it is included in the school curriculum. UNESCO has kept Portuguese in the list of fastest growing European language after English.

The biggest concern of a Portuguese learner is verb because this language has more verbal inflections than any other European language. Also, it has grammatical innovations that are unknown to other Romance languages.
  • The present perfect tense reflects an iterative sense. For example, it is used to denote an action that started in the past but expected to happen again.
  • Four different subjunctive moods are found in Vernacular Portuguese.
  • Here you can inflect personal infinitive according to the subject.

  • Writing system
    Portuguese language uses only 26 letters from Latin script and it uses five diacritics to denote features like vowel height, stress, contraction and etymological assibilation.

    Portuguese has more words derived other Romance languages and it still has some pre-Roman inhabitants of Portugal. Finally, the Portuguese language received a large number of loanwords from other European languages especially English.

    For learning Portuguese, you need to study the important parts including grammar, phonology, writing system and vocabulary. Classroom education would provide limited training because of time constraint. But private home tuition by an experienced Portuguese tutor can fulfill your needs.

    Learning Portuguese
    An experienced Portuguese tutor can simplify the difficult terms of grammar and other important factors of Portuguese language. A Portuguese teacher would do more than repeating the classroom education. He would prepare a detailed plan of action to make you proficient in Portuguese language.

    Tutorleague for Portuguese

    Visit Tutorleague to find a senior Portuguese tutor and start taking home tuitions. The Portuguese teacher would make a winning strategy for you. Also, he would monitor your progress in Portuguese language.
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