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Polish is primarily a West Slavic language and closely related to Czech and Slovak. Also, it is the official language of Poland and one of the official languages of the European Union.

There are 50 million polish speakers in the world and their number is growing.

Polish is a highly inflected language marked with free word order but the dominant agreement of a sentence is subject-verb-object. The genders used are masculine, feminine and neuter. The cases in Polish are seven in numbers. They are – nominative, genitive, dative, accusative, instrumental, locative and vocative.

Adjectives are used in agreement with gender, number and case but attributive adjectives precede the noun but in case of fixed phrases, the noun comes first. The rule is generic descriptive adjective would precede the noun and categorizing adjective would follow the noun.

Verb has two aspects – imperfective and perfective but they are often used in pairs. Imperfective verb has three tenses – present, past and compound future. Perfective verb has only simple future tense and past tense. The conjugated verb is used in agreement with its subject (gender and number).

Passive sentences are constructed by using auxiliary with the passive participle. There is an impersonal sentence construction where active verb is used without subject. But it has a reflexive pronoun to make a subject.

Salient features of Polish language
  • Being a Slavic language, it is different from the Indo-European language tree
  • It has no relation with English and this is what makes Polish challenging
  • Polish alphabets are based on modified Latin alphabets
  • There are six oral vowels and two nasal vowels in Polish language
  • The consonant system of Polish has more complexities than others
  • Most Polish word fall into the category of paroxytones (stress falls on second-to-last syllable)

  • Learning Polish
    The complexities involved with Polish encourage students to look for home tuition service. This language demands attention and it could consume your maximum study time, if you are learning it with books and other material.0

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