Police Recruit Entrance Exam

Police Recruit Entrance Exam is an opportunity for those that want to make a striking career in prestigious police service. Every year thousands of students from different streams appear for the test but only the smartest candidates clears the exam.

About the Test
One of the major components of police recruitment, is the test. The test is used for determining the reasoning and communication skills of the students. Interested students can appear for the test before applying for police service. Otherwise, they would need to pass the exam at the time of selection. The advantage of doing the test in advance is that it provides ample time to focus on the physical fitness exam. The result of your test would be valid for five years from the date of result declaration.


The exam assesses applicants on five different parameters
Literacy Skills – Reading comprehension 30 questions (45 minutes)
Summary Writing – 1 task of notes making (20 minutes)
Extended Writing – 1 task of essay writing (45 minutes)
Verbal Reasoning – 34 multiple choice questions (15 minutes)
Abstract Reasoning – 45 multiple choice questions (20 minutes)

The inclusion of several aptitude tests of different levels makes it a rigorous exam but it is mandatory, and students are provided ample to prepare for the test. Just like the physical fitness exam, the written test is also a rigorous mental fitness test but passing the test in the first attempt gives freedom from the test for next five years.

Preparing for the Test
As the exam is competitive, the best way to prepare for this exam, is to take private tuition where you can learn in a one-on-one setting. The tutor would assess your knowledge through an assessment and based on the results will focus only on those areas where you are struggling most. The advantage of one on one tutoring is that, you will get the full attention of the tutor.
The training would contain – theory and practice. The tutor would first improve your knowledge to the level of questions asked in the test and then he would test your knowledge with sample papers. The result of one-on-one tuition would be in your favor.

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