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Persian language belongs to the family of Western Iranian languages that are part of a bigger Indo-Iranian branch of the Indo-European language family. In modern times, there are more than 100 million speakers of Persian language.

Persian is primarily spoken in Iran and Afghanistan where it is called Dari. But it is taught as a major academic subject in schools and colleges. Students get classroom education in Persian but it is insufficient to become an expert in Persian and start using it like the first language.

The biggest highlight of Persian grammar is absence of grammatical gender. Verbs agree with their subjects in persons and numbers and they express tenses and aspects. Also, there are more suffixes than prefixes. The sentence structure is defined as subject + prepositional phrases + object + verb.

It is surprising to know that Persian language allows word building by combining affixes, nouns and adjectives. New words are also found with derivational agglutination. Also, Persian language applies laws of compounding. Two existing words are combined to form a new word. In addition to forming new words, Persian borrows heavily from Arabic language.

Writing style
Persian language is written from right-to-left in Perso-Arabic alphabet that is derived from the Arabic script or it would be better to call it a modified version. The most striking feature of the Persian alphabet is its cursive feature where letters in a word are connected to each other. Persian language has 32 characters in general and four letters are added to this basic set of characters.

Learning Persian requires complete training on the basics of grammar, vocabulary and writing style. Classroom education could help only when a strong foundation is formed for advanced study. Private tuition seems to be the best option for studying Persian that requires a detailed study of suffixes, word formation and Perso-Arabian alphabets.

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