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History as an academic discipline, it is the study of past. It includes examination and analysis of sequence of past events to find the cause and effects of the events. It is divided into periods for convenience of study. The students from year 7 to HSC focus only on ancient and modern periods.

Ancient Period
Ancient history covers the period from 60,000 BC to 650 AD. It is the time when human became a social animal and started its early activities.

It starts with Stone Age and then moves to earliest civilizations like Mesopotamia and Indus Valley Civilization. The study continues to include the earlier kingdoms, middle kingdoms and new kingdoms.

The study continues throughout the bronze and iron age until the rise of medieval period.

Modern Period
Early modern history covers the period from 1500 to 1750 and it starts with the voyage of Christopher Columbus in 1492. It includes the renaissance, age of discovery, age of sail, Elizabethan period, Protestant reformation and the age of enlightenment.

Mid modern history starts from 1750 and continues to 1945 that is the start of contemporary period. The study begins with European industrialization followed by political revolutions around the globe. It includes Nepoleonic era, Victorian era and machine age.

Contemporary modern history starts from 1945 and it continues to the present day. History is made every day and recorded in books. The contemporary period in modern history includes two world wars, cold war, space age, information age, post-communist Russia and post 9/11 era.

Studying Modern/Ancient History
The study of ancient history is more scientific in nature because it includes the growth of society – early civilizations, stone age tools, bronze age weapons and iron age machines. Ancient history can be divided into different periods according to the developments that took place in those periods.

The study of modern history is more like a record of events because of rise and fall of kingdoms. It is marked by quick transition from one type of kingdom to other.

Tutorleague for Modern/Ancient History
An ancient history tutor can help in understanding the start of civilization and a modern history tutor can simplify rise and fall of kingdoms with his knowledge and experience.

An experienced teacher is a blessing especially in Mathematics where you need someone to walk through the many obstacles you will face while learning the theories and formulas.
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