Medical Subjects

Medical Science is a branch of science related to physical and mental well-being of human being. It is a practice of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases. The medical science relies more on research work than theory.

Subjects of Medical Study
Anatomy: It is related to the physical structure of living organisms
Biochemistry: Chemistry of chemical components found in living organisms
Biomechanics: Mechanics in the structure and function of biological systems
Biostatics: Statistics in biology used in evidence-based medicines
Biophysics: Role of physics and physical chemistry in building biological systems
Cytology: Study of individual cells
Embryology: Early development of living organisms
Endocrinology: Hormones and their effect
Epidemiology: Study of diseases and their demographic presence
Genetics: The study and role of genes
Histology: Making of structure of biological tissues
Immunology: Making of immune system
Medical Physics: Application of physics in medicine
Microbiology: Study of microorganisms
Molecular biology: Study of molecular processes including replication, transcription and translation
Neuroscience: Science related to neuro system
Nutrition Science: Relation of food and drink to physical and mental health
Pathology: Study of development of diseases and their progression in living organisms
Physiology: Study of normal body functions
Radiology: Study of uses of radiation for living organisms
Toxicology: Study of hazardous products and their effects

In addition to the above-mentioned subjects, there are specific areas of study like surgery. The world of medical science is so vast that there could be innumerable sub-groups.

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