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Mandarin is one of the languages spoken by Chinese. It is also called Northern dialect because the group, it belongs to, is found in the North. Also, it is the first dialect in the number of native speakers. According to an estimate, approximately 70% of Chinese population from Yunnan to Xinjiang speaks Mandarin.

Mandarin has more polysyllabic words than its other Chinese variants and the biggest reason for this variation is the many sound changes that this language received. For example, new words were formed with affixes. Another example is noun reduplication that is also a distinctive feature of this language. Also, it has some loanwords because of its contact with Mongolian and Manchurian people.

It is an analytical language that relies more on word order and particles to provide grammatical information about tense, mood, case, person and number. Inflection or affixes has little role to play in Mandarin grammar. The basic word order rule of subject-very-object is followed but variations are found in ditransitive sentences where a verb takes two objects.

Highlights of Mandarin
  • It is divided into four subgroups – Northern Mandarin, Northwestern Mandarin, Southwestern Mandarin and Southern Mandarin
  • It uses four tones – level, rising, falling and high-rising – to distinguish words
  • There are few words ending with a consonant
  • It has a fixed word order due to absence of markers of inflection and parts of speech

  • Learning Mandarin
    Considering the variations of the language, it becomes necessary to put focus on the grammar. Also, practice is needed to improve vocabulary. Classroom education would only introduce the language and you will be asked to do homework to improve your proficiency in the language. Here you need private tuition from an experienced Mandarin tutor. In the absence of tuition, you are likely to end up failing in the language test. A private Mandarin home tutor can provide real help with all his knowledge and teaching experience. Mandarin tuition would help in understanding the concepts and provide more practice time.

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