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Law is the study of legal system made of rules created and enforced by social and government organizations. The objective of the legal system is to regulate the behavior of members. The system ensures that the members adhere to the will of a state.

Legal subjects
International Law: It is divided into three subjects according to the reach and acceptance of the legal system.
  • Public international law: Study of relations between sovereign nations. Rules of this law are based on customs, practices and treaties signed between sovereign states. International organizations like the UN also come under the ambit of this law.
  • Conflict of laws: Study of jurisdictions for hearing disputes and application of rules for solving international disputes.
  • European Union law: Study of an internationally accepted legal system evolved and enforced to protect interests of the citizens of a group of nations.
    Constitutional and administrative law: Study of functions and relations of executive, legislature and judiciary of a political system. The law states formation of institutions and defines their functions.
    Criminal law: Study of crime as defined by law and punishment for criminal acts. It defines penalties for offences.
    Contract law: Study of the system that enforces promises. A contract is signed between two parties, but it is saved by legal institutions.
    Tort law: Study of the civil wrongs done accidentally. For example, a person gets injured by a cricket ball. It is unintentional, but he can claim compensation.
    Property law: Study of laws governing ownership and possession of real estate. It includes things attached to properties.

    Study of Law
    Law is a vast subject comprising all spheres of life. The above-mentioned are important subjects of Law but, it can be further divided into rules governing Labor Laws, Human Rights, Environment Law, Consumer Law and Immigration Law. For a good understanding of the legal system, you must hire a private teacher that is experienced in Law. A private tutor can simplify and prioritize the subjects for convenience of study.

    Tutorleague for Law
    Having an experienced Law tutor to take care of your preparation is a big help because the teacher would make a roadmap for success.

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