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Korean is the official language of the both the Koreas – North Korea and South Korea. It is a member of the Koreanic family and spoken by more than 80 million people. Origin of the modern Korean language can be traced to the Old Korean that existed from the 4th to 10th centuries CE.

Korean vocabulary contains native Korean words and a small amount of words is taken from Sino Korean words that have many similarities to English words. Similarly, the Korean language uses two types of numeral systems. The loanwords in Korean language constitute a very small amount and 90% of these words belong to English language.

Korean is kept in the category of agglutinative languages that primarily use agglutination that is a derivational morphology – complex words are formed by combining morphemes but without changing their spelling or phonetics. In Korean, a sentence is formed with subject-object-verb. Here the word order is highly flexible.

Writing Style
In Korean, the letters are arranged into blocks and each block represents a syllable. The Korean writing system is just the opposite of linear system. The syllable blocks used for Korean writing are arranged in left to right and top to bottom for writing words.

Korean language downplays grammatical gender. The difference in genders in Korean speech is visible in following examples.
a) Softer tone of women
b) Married women avoid using their names in introduction and call themselves wives and mothers

Learning Korean language
Korean has been introduced as a subject in schools and colleges. They are taught Korean in classrooms but they need more from their teachers. It is where private Korean tutors enter the scene. They help students in understanding the difficult concepts and in practicing the language at home. And those that take tuition in Korean language do fairly well in Korean language.

Tutorleague for Korean language

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