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Japanese comes from the family of Japonic languages but its relation to Korean and other such languages is a matter of debate. But it is grouped with Ainu, Austroasiatic and Altaic language families. National language of Japan, Japanese is spoken by over 128 million people.

Sentence Structure: Unlike the usual order, Japanese follows subject-object-verb. The verb comes at the end because Japanese language uses particles that have grammatical functions and these particles identify their functions.

Inflection and Conjugation: Nouns in Japanese language are free from numbers, genders or aspects. For example, words for people are used as singular and plurals are made with the help of a collective suffix. Japanese have two tenses – past and present – and verbs are conjugated to describe tenses. The verb is inflected for making negative sentences.

Politeness: Japanese have hierarchical nature that is reflected in their language. The grammatical system displays formality and it is used to expresses politeness. It is possible to express differing level of society in language. For example, a person with lower status is expected to follow a polite way of speaking while those at higher echelons can follow a plainer form. Similarly the difference between horrific and humble speech is made in the language.

The Japanese language has three main sources of words – yamato kotoba or wago, kango and gairaigo. But it accommodated more words from Chinese, Portuguese, German, French and English. Today it borrows mostly from English language.

Popularity of Japanese language
  • Schools and universities across the globe have Japanese in their courses. But Japanese became more popular post WWII that is after 1940.
  • Students learn Japanese in schools and colleges. They get tuition in schools and also at homes. Students take tuitions from experienced Japanese teachers.
  • Inspired by the culture and traditions of Japan, students learn Japanese and take help of seasoned Japanese tutors to achieve fluency in Japanese.
  • Tutorleague for Japanese tuition

    Students and parents rely on Tutorleague for Japanese tutors. This website has a long list of experienced Japanese teachers serving the needs of students and parents.
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  • The one-on-one tuition brings speed to learning to the point where students start getting fluency without failing. Japanese tuitions help in completing curriculum ahead of time and also prepare the students for a bright future. For more information on Japanese tuition, you can visit Tutorleague.

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