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Italian is known more for its beauty, romance and musicality than the fourth foreign language widely taught in schools and colleges across the globe. Presently there are around 85 million native speakers of Italian and the fact that more than 2 million students learn Italian every year is an indication of its popularity.

Italian Grammar

The Italian language has cases for personal pronouns, but some nouns are excluded from the cases. Nouns are referred to as genders and a gender might be natural with no reference to biological gender.

For example, masculine nouns take “o” in end and plurals are made by adding “i” in the end. Feminine nouns have “a” in the end and plurals have “e” in the end. The third category of nouns takes “e” for singular and “i” for plural.

Italian uses three kinds of adjectives – descriptive, invariable and form-changing. The biggest change is seen in the arrangement of words in a sentence. In comparison to English, Italian has a lesser function for grammar.
  • Italian language has only 21 alphabets
  • J, K, W, X and Y are called loan alphabets
  • Loan alphabets are used for loan words like “jeans”
  • Double consonants are frequently used

  • Italian for You

    Italian language may become easier to learn with the help of a private tutor. Considering the complexities involved with the grammar and words, it becomes mandatory to learn Italian in one-on-one sessions with an experienced Italian tutor.

    An expert is needed to answer your questions and clear your doubts. Your private tutor will teach you grammar, build your vocabulary and help in reading and writing in Italian. With one-on-one practice sessions, you will become fluent in Italian and start using it like a native speaker.

    Tutorleague for Italian

    Get private tuition for a better understanding of Italian grammar and fluency in the language. Tutorleague will connect you to the best of Italian tutors you can find in your city.
  • Tutorleague has the most talented Italian teachers available for private tuitions
  • Every tutor is handpicked after the screening of academic and personal background
  • The tutors are monitored and rated according to their performance
  • Availability of a wide range of options to choose from
  • Teachers have rich experience in teaching the Italian language

  • Private tuition from a qualified and experienced Italian teacher can boost your learning process and monitor your progress to make sure you speak Italian like a native. Tutorleague has the right tutor for your needs. Visit Tutorleague for more info.

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