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Chemistry is a field that has immense importance today. When one studies Chemistry, he will come to have an intimate knowledge about the function as well as structure of atoms and molecules.

Chemistry has spread its roots in many areas of everyday life. This includes Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry and Organic Chemistry. Besides this, Chemistry has its applications in clinical and forensic science, medical industry etc.

The main question that arises in everyone’s mind is how Inorganic Chemistry is going to be of use to them. One can say that the importance of Chemistry can be observed in day today objects. Table salt is one simple example of inorganic compound.

As one might be aware of, that by going through the many topics in Chemistry, it is easy for one to understand the variety of ways by which one can keep the environment clean and healthy.

A wide range of career opportunities are available for students of Chemistry. Numerous fields are available for them to choose from one they have finished their education. Those include:
  • Agriculture
  • Agrochemical Companies
  • Clinical and Forensic Science Laboratories
  • Food / Beverages Industries
  • Medical science
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Research and Educational Institutions
  • We have qualified Chemistry tutors at Tutorleague, who can follow up with you in your journey to guarantee very good results.

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