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Indonesian belongs to the Austronesian language family. Since Indonesia is the fourth most popular country of the world, it can be said that Indonesian is spoken by a large number of people. But Indonesians also speak local languages in addition to the official language.

Indonesian language is marked by six vowels but it had borrowed many consonants primarily from Arabic and English languages. Word order in grammar follows subject-verb-object rule. This rule is found in most European languages. But the grammar allows considerable flexibility in sentence structuring.

In Indonesian language, affixes play a very important role because even a little difference in affixes can transform the meaning and message of a sentence.

Noun Affixes
These affixes are used to make nouns by adding the affixes with root words.

Verb Affixes
Indonesian language uses affixes to create more verbs.

Adjective Affixes
They are attached to root words to form new adjectives.

Grammatical gender isn’t used in Indonesian grammar. For example, you can use same words for he/him, she/her and his/her. But some Indonesian words have gender.

In Indonesian grammar, plurals aren’t regularly marked. For example, a word is repeated in order to write it in plural.

Personal pronouns are used as subset of nouns instead of a separate part of speech.

Indonesian grammar doesn’t allow inflection of verbs for person, number or tense. On the contrary, it uses a complex system of verb affixes to make sense.

Indonesian language has grammar adjectives and they are placed before nouns.

Word order
In sentence structuring, everything from adjectives to determiners follows the nouns it modifies.

Writing system
Indonesian language is written in Latin script.

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