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Hindi primarily belongs to India where one of the official languages and one of 22 scheduled languages of the country. It is the lingua franca of the northern part of India, neighboring countries and Fiji in Africa. Fiji has developed a unique variety of language called Fiji Hindi. It is a mix of a couple of dialects including Awadhi and Bihari.

Quick facts about Hindi
  • Hindi is the fourth most used first language of the world.
  • It is also spoken by Madheshis.
  • A large number of Indian-Americans have spread Hindi to the US.
  • A large number of Indian-Americans have spread Hindi to the US.
  • Hindi has also spread to Middle-East with the migration of Hindi speaking people.
  • Hindi Grammar
    It is written in Devanagari script with 33 consonants and 11 vowels that together form a framework of 44 letters. It uses three tenses, has three genders and two voices – active and passive. Hindi vocabulary is divided into five categories according to the origin of words:
    Tatsam: Words inherited from Sanskrit and used without any modification
    Ardhatatsam: Sanskrit words modified with time
    Tadbhav: These are native Hindi words but were derived from Sanskrit and used after making phonological modifications
    Deshaj: Words borrowed from non-Indo-Aryan languages
    Videshi: Words belonging to non-indigenous languages including English, Portuguese, Persian and Arabic

    Hindi has a rich history of literature that is divided into different periods, for example, Bhakti or devotional. Bhakti includes long epic poems

    Learning Hindi
    India is fast developing into a developed economy. It offers plenty of job and business opportunities. Having a good understanding of Hindi allows students to become eligible for looking for a long-term assignment in India. Hindi is widely taught as a foreign language across the globe but the best way to learn Hindi is through private tuition. An experienced tutor can simplify the difficult terms of Hindi grammar and vocabulary for quick understanding.

    Tutorleague for Hindi Tuition
    It is better to learn Hindi in a one-on-one conversation with an experienced teacher you can find in Tutorleague. He will give answers to all your questions related to the language and also monitor your progress with routine tests.
  • Tutorleague has most experienced Hindi tutors.
  • The teachers have their professional and personal background checked.
  • They provide complete learning solutions at an affordable price.
  • Tutorleague takes responsibility for good service by its teachers.
  • Excellent service at a cost effective price is guaranteed.

  • Tutorleague assures of a unique learning experience in a hassle-free manner. The home tuition would keep you ahead in your class and also speed up your learning process.

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