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Hebrew is a Northwest Semitic language spoken by over 9 million people worldwide. It is the language of the Bible and also of modern Israel.

The State of Israel adopted the modern Hebrew as its official language but premodern Hebrew is still used in prayers and education in Jewish communities

Hebrew grammar
The grammar of Hebrew is partly analytic but inflection plays a crucial role in forming nouns and verbs. Like other Semitic languages, Hebrew also follows the 3-consonant consonantal roots system.

Semitic languages like Arabic form nouns, adjectives and verbs using the 3-consonant system. But the modern language is relying more on 4-consonant roots that is used for making verbs from nouns.

Another noticeable thing in Hebrew is use of one-letter prefixes that are used to change word meanings.

Highlights of Hebrew
  • It has 22 letters called alph-bet in Hebrew. And in addition, it uses five final letters. Also, a few last letters of a word are written differently. These letters are - khaf, mem, nun, pey, and tzade
  • Being a Semitic language, it uses no vowels with alphabets. In the middle of the development, some scholars tried using dots and dashes for vowels but the contemporary Hebrew writing goes without vowel.
  • Hebrew is read from right to left and there are many scripts like Torah scrolls written in block letters; cursive script and Rashi that was named after a medieval commentator.
  • Earliest traces of Hebrew were found in second millennium BC when it was used as a spoken and written language. But modern Hebrew is more a literary language.

  • Leaning Hebrew
    Hebrew tuition is a great way to get mastery over this language. It is difficult to learn Hebrew in a classroom setting but an experienced Hebrew tutor would make things easy with customized tutorials.

    Hebrew tuition would keep you free from the language course and you will get more time to put focus on other subjects.

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