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German is one of the major languages of the world; it is the first language of approximately 100 million people and also the widely used native language in European Union. This language has many distinctions – it is the second most scientific language of the world and approximately 300 million students learned German as a foreign language in the last couple of years.

German Grammar
German is primary a fusion language but it also a moderate degree of inflection with four cases for nouns; three genders including neuter; two numbers and verbs that can be classified into strong, weak and mixed. Also, it uses two tenses with auxiliary verbs but uses can construct four tenses using auxiliary verbs. It allows expanding verb and sometimes radically changing the verbs with prefixes to change their meanings. But some verbs have dedicated prefixes.
  • German language contains approximately 5.3 million words
  • English is the sister language of German
  • It is the second most popular language for websites
  • It has a broad spectrum of dialects
  • German possessive cases have their own endings

  • Learning German

    German is widely taught as a foreign language in schools and colleges across the globe. The German culture, literature and lifestyle encourage students to choose it as their foreign language. But it demands strict discipline. You need to imbibe the rules of formation of possessive cases otherwise it will lead to learning related difficulties.

    To become proficient in the language you would need the help of a private tutor to understand the grammar and vocabulary. It isn’t a difficult language to learn but it demands more practice by students. If you don’t want to face difficulties in learning German, then you must take private tuition from an experienced German tutor.

    Tutorleague for German

    Visit Tutorleague to find the right German tutor for your needs and take advantage of private home tuition at an affordable price.
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  • You can develop a better grip over German with the help of a private tutor. The teacher will help complete your academic course on time and, the tutor will make you perfect in reading, writing and speaking German.

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