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Geology is called earth science because it involves study of solid material that makes the Earth. For example, rocks and their composition, change over time are studied under Geology. The subject has evolved over time and today it includes hydrology, atmospheric sciences, planetary sciences and all other earth sciences under its belt.

Applied Geology
The subject is divided into different parts according to its uses in modern times.

Economic Geology: Study of economic minerals extracted from the earth for various needs. Examples of economic geology are natural resources such as petroleum, coal and minerals.
Mining Geology: Study of extraction of natural resources of economic interests. Here the focus remains on extraction that is a process of recovering minerals from the earth.
Petroleum Geology: Study of the location of extractable hydrocarbons including natural gas and petroleum on the surface of the earth. Since hydrocarbons are found in sedimentary basins, the study involves detailed examination of formation of these basins.
Engineering Geology: Study of geological factors concerned with location, construction, operation and maintenance of engineering projects. The objective is to ensure that the important factors are properly addressed before commencement of the projects.
Hydrology and Environmental Issues: Study of problems related to environment and their solutions. It involves interaction between natural habitat and its impact on the environment.
Natural Hazards: Study of natural hazards with the objective to write safe building codes and develop warning systems to prevent loss of life and property during natural calamities.

Study of Geology
It is earth science and like other branches of science, it also involves diagrams, graphs, stats and models. Also, you need a teacher that can simplify the concepts and help in making diagrams for a detailed study. Home tuition by a Geology teacher would be a real help in your studies.
The applied branches of Geology show that there is much to explore and study. Having a private tutor is an added advantage. Private tuition will save you time by prioritizing the topics and make a balance between the applied branches.

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