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The Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) is taken as a standard entrance exam for admission in graduate schools. It is a set of multiple tests for measuring verbal and quantitative reasoning, critical thinking and analytical writing of the students. Its objective is to determine the eligibility of the students for studying various graduate courses.

GRE is a computer-based assessment test consisting of six sections consisting of analytical writing, two verbal reasoning, two quantitative reasoning and an experimental or research section.

Analytical Writing: This section is further subdivided into 2 tasks called issue task and argument task. Each task's duration is 30 mins. It is a computer-based test with a specific software program that lacks spell check.
  • Issue Task: The candidates are asked to write a detailed essay on a topic from a pool of questions.
  • Argument Task: An argument starts; the candidates are asked to write the logic behind the argument and give suggestions to improve the logic.
  • Verbal Reasoning: The test involves the assessment of reading comprehension, vocabulary usage and critical reasoning of the candidates.
    Quantitative Reasoning: The test includes knowledge of the mathematics of high-school level and reasoning skills.
    Experiment: This test can be verbal or quantitative depending on the examination structure at that time. Since this section remains uncertain, the candidates are advised to focus on the verbal and quantitative sections.

    Preparing for the Test
    A quick go through of the test structure is enough to understand the need of dedicated study especially for the experimental section as it is like to a surprise test. But the good thing is that you can do well in the experimental section by improving your verbal and quantitative reasoning. After understanding the study requirement for the test, you can’t deny the need for GRE tuition by an experienced tutor.
    One-on-One tuition is needed to pass this test. You need a private GRE tutor that can simplify the test format, level of questions and train you through the best ways to study for the exam. He will provide study material, give lectures and will also conduct the mock tests.

    Tutorleague for GRE
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