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French is spoken on all continents and it is recognized as an official language in 29 countries. Taught as a subject in universities and colleges across the world, French is widely used in academy, journalism, jurisprudence and diplomacy. The high international status of French made it the second language after English in “The World’s 10 Most Influential Languages”.

French Grammar
As a language, French is moderately inflected – plurals are pronounced as singulars. But the nouns aren’t inflected. For example, enseignant is used for a male teacher and enseignante is used for a female tutor. The word order in French is Subject-Verb-Object but it allows inversions like a pronoun object precedes the verb.

French Tuition
Classroom study could be a great start to learn French and you will be surprised to know that you already know a few French words. But you will feel the need for dedicated study in order to understand the grammatical inflections. A private tutor would be a great asset to you in learning French.
  • French language consists of 26 letters and 17 vowels
  • It has both finite and non-finite moods
  • Both Active-voice and Passive-voice are used
  • Most words are made from Latin and Greek
  • Numeric system used is partially vigesimal

French for You
If it isn’t only a subject to study then it is certainly a big career option. Knowledge of French is considered an added advantage by business owners. Today, French is the most sought after second language after English in Europe. If you’re serious about making a career in French then you would want to learn French from a dedicated tutor with an excellent track record of giving home tuitions. In addition to completing your course, he will prepare you for a big career in French language.

Tutorleague for French
Your tutor is available on Tutorleague that is a premium tuition service for French. The teachers selected for French tuition have rich experience in training school and college students.
  • Tutorleague selects tutors with a high academic background
  • Every teacher has to pass a background check
  • The tutors are monitored and rated according to their performance
  • Availability of a wide range of options to choose from
  • Excellent service at a cost effective price is guaranteed

Tutorleague gives more advantages in comparison to others that only list teachers. Here you will get total freedom in locating teachers and negotiating terms and conditions of service. If you are serious about learning French, Tutorleague is an asset for you.

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