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Control System is a set of different systems used for controlling other devices. It makes a central system or hub of an industry. This system can be divided into two categories for convenience of study. These categories are – supervisory control and distributed control.
A control system is needed to enhance production by improving efficiency and boosting safety of the men and machinery involved in the process. Every industry has its control system that has a definite functionality to get desired results.
Types of Control System
  • Open-loop and closed-loop: In open-loop system, the controller remains free from the system but in closed-loop system, the controller is made dependent on the process.
  • Feedback control system: The system has connected sensors for activating desired actions. For example, cruise control in a vehicle works on the feedback of the external influences.
  • Logic control: In history, this control system was made of electric relays and cam timers but today they use microcontrollers or programmable logic controllers. They are widely used in elevators, washing machines and other similar devices.
  • On-off control: It is a feedback controller that switches between one-state to another. A pressure switch as an air-compressor is a good example of on-off control system.
  • Linear control: This specific control system uses linear negative feedback to control the process.

  • The above-mentioned are the important types of control systems used in industries. Together all these systems contribute to the subject of study. And this subject includes both theory and practical.

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    It is very difficult to study the system without going through its history and development. It can be said that every industry and machinery have its own system. Students study the subject to understand the development. This subject requires private tuition because it includes many things.
    A tutor can provide real help in simplifying the complex functions of a control system. He can make the study a hassle-free affair. You will start taking interest in the subject and can make it your career in the long run.

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