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Calculus is an important part of Mathematics. A study of continuous change, it is used for counting and calculations. Calculus is divided into two broad categories – differential calculus and integral calculus.
  • Differential Calculus: It is the study of rate at which a quantity changes.

  • Integral Calculus: It is used for describing displacement, area, volume and other concepts with numbers.

  • Today Calculus has become very important in modern Mathematics. A course in Calculus can open new avenues in the field of Maths. Advance study of Calculus is devoted to the study of Mathematical Analysis.

    Mathematical Analysis: As a branch of Maths, it deals with theories involving real and complex numbers and functions. Differentiation, integration, measurement, infinite series and analytic functions are some of the examples of Mathematical Analysis.

    Applications of Calculus
    There is hardly any subject or area left untouched by the theories of Calculus. It is used in science including Computer science, Statistics, Economics, Demography and every subject where a mathematical model can be applied, and a certain outcome is desired. But it is widely used in Physics where it is used to calculate mass of objects that is called density; the moment of inertia of given objects and the total energy of an object.

    Studying Calculus: Calculus can be called a common subject because it is used in several subjects. For students, it is an opportunity to develop their skills. If you are good in Calculus, you can do much better in other subjects including Physics and Medicine. In addition to classroom study, you can take home tuition to understand concepts and theories of Calculus.
    Calculus demands more attention and gives more benefits in its application. A good understanding of the subject would help in other fields. This subject deserves private home tuition personalized to suit your study related needs. An experienced tutor will keep the needs of subject and your pace of study in mind to prepare a roadmap to success.

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