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Biology can be best defined as natural science or study of life and living organisms. The study is related to the physical structure, chemical processes, molecular interactions and physiological mechanisms related to the evolution and development of life.

Important branches of Biology

Biochemistry: Study of the material substances present in the living organisms
Botany: Study of plants
Cellular Biology: Basic cellular study of living things
Ecology: Study of interaction of organisms with their environment
Evolutionary Biology: Study of evolution and changes in living things
Genetics: Study of heredity
Molecular Biology: Study of biological molecules
Physiology: Study of functions of living organisms
Zoology: Study of animals

The above mentioned are the important branches of Biology but they can be further divided into sub-disciplines according to the research methods applied or the kind of study conducted. Biology is related to other subjects of science. Biology is largely related with medical science, but healthcare is just an offshoot of Biology.

Examples of Biology used with other subjects

Biophysics is study of Biology with Physical and Mathematics. It involves matching patterns in life and analyzing the findings using formulas of Physics and Mathematics.
Astrobiology is study of evolution of life and presence of extraterrestrial life in the universe
Biogeography is study of distribution of life forms and the factors in distribution.
Biomathematics is the understanding of patterns and phenomenon of living organisms using mathematical models.
Bioengineering uses engineering principles in biological study of living organisms.

Study of Biology
When there is a lot to choose and study, you could get distracted. Biology with all its disciplines and sub-disciplines makes a very interesting subject. And you can make it further interesting by taking help of an experienced Biology tutor.
You will start with studying Biology as a subject and then choose a discipline according to your interest.

Tutorleague for Biology tuition

An experienced teacher can simplify the approach, process and topics of Project Management. He will teach with the help of diagrams that he will draw for your convenience.

A tutor is needed to simplify biological definitions, concepts, theories and models. It is a complex study and for this reason serious students always take help of Biology tutors. And they look no further than Tutorleague.
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