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Arabic is a literary language of great importance. Originally it is the language of Quran but the Arabic taught in schools and colleges is called Modern Standard Arabic that is the standardized variety of Arabic for literary work.

Arabic consists of 30 modern varieties and for this reason it is called a macrolanguage. Arabic taught in schools and colleges is Modern Standard Arabic. It is this language that is used at various workplaces, by many governments and media.

Salient features of Arabic

  • Its morphology is unusual. The way words are constructed from a basic root is complex in nature. It is called nonconcatenative morphology.
  • There are three cases of nouns – nominative, accusative and genitive; three numbers – singular, dual and plural; two genders – masculine and feminine; three states – indefinite, definite and construct.
  • Adjectives are used for case, number, gender and state.
  • Pronouns are used for person, number and gender.
  • The verb is divided into past and non-past; two voices – active and passive; six moods – indicative, imperative, subjunctive, jussive, shorter energetic and longer energetic.
  • In writing, right to left pattern is used and it is followed even for writing numerals. For example, a phone number would be read from right to left.

  • Arabic is taught across the globe in elementary and secondary schools especially Muslim educational institutions. Also, there are many private institutions providing Arabic courses.

    The schools and colleges follow a set curriculum of Arabic but the study of language is never limited to classroom. Considering the complexity of Arabic language, it becomes mandatory for students to take tuition from a senior Arabic tutor.

    Arabic is an ancient language with roots in Iron Age. Also, it is considered a religious language due to its association with Quran. It is developed to Modern Standard Arabic for literary activities.

    People learn Arabic for different reasons from religious to literary but they first have to understand its growth and development in order to fully understand the Arabic language.

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