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Anatomy is a branch of Biology, it is concerned with the study of structure and parts of living organisms. A good understanding of anatomy of human body is the key to enter the field of medicine and healthcare.

Divisions of Anatomy
Gross Anatomy: It is study of the structure of biological parts visible to the naked eye. Also, known as macro anatomy and topographical anatomy, the objective of the study is to collect data about organ structure and system. The study is done using dissection and non-invasive methods that include endoscopy, MRI, CT scan and inserting opaque dye into the body.
Microscopic Anatomy: It is the study of tissues and cells of human, animal and plants. Also called histology, the study is done with the help of a microscope. The study involves sectioning of tissues for detailed examination.
Histopathology: It is the study of technology used for processing samples for detailed examination. The technology is used in pathological services concerned with diagnosis of biological parts of living organisms.

Studying Anatomy
Most healthcare studies involve gross anatomy and histopathology. Anatomy students get an opportunity to make a career in the healthcare field. The technical advancements have made it easy for students to study the Anatomy of human and animals. At the same time, the technology has opened new avenues of Anatomy study.
Studying Anatomy requires material like models of human parts and for this reason this subject is always taught in laboratories. If you want to study Anatomy at home, you need to turn your study room into a lab. Also, you need an excellent teacher that can explain you about those parts in detail. It’s your home tutor that will make models of human parts and explain functions of those parts. If you are serious about studying Anatomy, then you should hire an experienced private tutor.

Tutorleague for Anatomy
The depth of study required for Anatomy demands that you put more focus on the subject. And the best way to make an in-depth study is to hire a private tutor. Tutorleague provides you a reason to hire a home teacher.

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