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Mathematics education in upper secondary school varies from one state to another because of different education policy adopted by states.

New South Wales
NSW Board of Studies for HSC Study offers four different courses for Mathematics.

  • General Mathematics: Basic mathematics based on practical questions
  • Mathematics: Calculus based advanced level course
  • Mathematics Extension 1: More advanced level course including calculus, trigonometry and polynomials
  • Mathematics Extension 2: Highly advanced course including advanced calculus, complex numbers and mechanics

  • Victoria
    The Victorian Certificate of Education offers four courses catering to the varying abilities of the students.

  • Foundation Mathematics: Practical mathematics skills
  • Further Mathematics: Standard mathematics course including algebra, trigonometry and geometry
  • Mathematics Methods: Non-compulsory prerequisite course including differential calculus, circular functions and probability
  • Specialist Mathematics: Most advanced high school mathematics including differential equations, kinematics and vector calculus
  • In addition to the above divisions, VCE also offers Algorithmics for Higher Education Scored Study. It has been introduced in 2015.

    In Queensland, Mathematics education for year 11 and 12 is divided into three major parts.

  • Mathematics A: Basic mathematics for students either with poor mathematics background or require only standard knowledge of the subject
  • Mathematics B: A prerequisite for science and engineering students it includes functions, applied statistics and integration
  • Mathematics C: It covers concepts of pure mathematics like complex numbers, metrics and vectors
  • Western Australia introduced a new course in Mathematics in 2015. It is divided into four units to address different needs of the students.
    In South Australia, Mathematics is divided into six levels.

    Study Extension Maths
    Mathematics is a vast subject with a say in everything and for this reason this subject has more variations than any other course. It is for students to take care while looking for private Extension Mathematics tutors. You should hire the teacher that has experience in the branch of mathematics you want to study.
    Tutorleague is the one stop solution for mathematics tuition for all divisions/branches. Tutorleague has tutors for every course ranging from basic to advanced level of Maths.

    Tutorleague for Extension Maths
  • Extension Mathematics tutors for all courses
  • Home tutors have their background checked
  • Tutorleague takes responsibility of quality and affordability of service

  • Extension Maths is a subject of practical study. It is only practice that can make you perfect in this course. With Tutorleague home tuition, you can make sure that you keep practicing achieving success.

    Tutorleague gives you a reason to hire a private teacher for Extension Maths. With Tutorleague, you don’t have to worry about anything as it provides comprehensive service with freedom to search and choose from numerous available tutors.

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